Board Members & Meeting Information

Meeting Information

  • 12:00 noon
  • Third Wednesday of the month in February, April, June, August, October, and December
  • Lone Star Room (12th floor) of the Enterprise Building at 500 Chestnut in Abilene, Texas

Meeting times and locations may be adjusted periodically. For additional information or assistance, please contact a Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas Board representative for meeting times and/or to request accommodations.


The Workforce Board is comprised of 30 volunteer members from across the 19-county region. A majority of the members must be representatives from private sector businesses and the remaining members represent adult education, secondary education, post-secondary education, literacy, economic development, organized labor, community-based organizations, rehabilitation organizations, public assistance agencies, the Texas Workforce Commission, veterans, and child care.

Members are nominated by the organizations they represent and serve three-year terms. 

Executive Committee

Samuel Garcia, Chair
Abilene, Representing Private Sector
Steve Dye, Regional Representative
Breckenridge, Representing Private Sector
Tammy Reese, Vice-Chair
Abilene, Representing Private Sector
Tim Manley, Regional Representative
Coleman, Representing Private Sector
Bill Crist, Secretary-Treasurer
Snyder, Representing Private Sector
Billie McKeeverRegional Representative 
Haskell, Representing Community-Based Organizations

Board Members  
Hanna Adams
Coleman, Representing Community-based organization
Seaton Higginbotham 
Abilene, Representing Private Sector
Alice Andrade
Abilene, Representing Organized Labor
Tommy Higgins 
Abilene, Representing Vocational Rehabilitation
Jim Astin
Stamford, Representing Private Sector 
Larry Hillis 
Sweetwater, Representing Private Sector
Janet Bailey
Abilene, Representing Literacy Council
Mignon Lawson 
Abilene, Representing Adult Education
Mikeana Bailey
Brownwood, Representing Private Sector 
Shaun Martin
Abilene, Representing Private Sector
Ken Becker
Sweetwater, Representing Economic Development
Cynthia Pearson
Abilene, Representing Community-Based Organizations
Ame Bennett
Sweetwater, Representing Private Sector
Kevin Porter 
Abilene, Representing Private Sector
Pete Garcia 
Abilene, Representing Private Sector
Angela Sharp
Abilene, Representing Community-Based Organizations
Ketta Garduno
Abilene, Representing Education
Ben Stephenson
Baird, Representing Public Assistance
Sam Harper 
Lubbock, Representing Employment Services
Thomas Winter 
Abilene, Representing Post-Secondary Education
Daniel Henson 
Abilene, Representing Private Sector
Jerod Yates
Abilene, Representing Private Sector

                                                            Updated: 11/4/18

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