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Celebrate Careers - Take the Pledge!

  1. My school takes the pledge to Celebrate Careers in February 2020*

  2. My school takes the pledge to participate to the best of our ability in career activities/challenges throughout in February 2020.*

  3. Select the FREE Career Exploration games for your school!*

    *Career Exploration Games are provided to be utilized in February 2020

  4. Help us promote your school!

  5. School Social Media?

  6. During the course of February 2020 activities, I agree to capture images of student and teacher participants via photograph and/or video to be shared with Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas for marketing/promotional and media use. Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas also requests express consent for staff to attend activities and capture photos and/or video footage of activities for distribution. As a representative of the school district, it is your responsibility to ensure all students captured in photos and/or video footage have appropriate documentation on file at your school for media release. By entering your name below, you authorize the release of photos/videos and/or likeness to Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas for use in print, broadcast, and/or digital publications and on social media. No compensation will be given.

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