How long should the video be?

The total time from the start of the introductory title frame to the end of the credits must be between 1-3 minutes. Please include a 3-5 second pause between the end of the title frame and the beginning of your video. Any videos that do not fall within the 1-3 minute timeframe will lose points in the scoring criteria.

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1. Who will be judging the videos?
2. What is the scoring criteria?
3. What MUST be in the video?
4. What do you mean by "interview" an employer or person in the field of work?
5. How long should the video be?
6. What are the 16 career clusters?
7. Do you have any resources that our students can reference for information?
8. What do you mean by "introductory title frame" and an "entry name"?
9. Can students focus on one career in their chosen career cluster or multiple careers?
10. Can students use existing content from other projects?