Child Care Attendance Automation (CCAA)

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Helpful Information for Parents:

What is CCAA?
The Child Care Attendance Automation (CCAA) system is the automated attendance that has been established to record the time and attendance (or absence) of children in child care facilities.  Parents and guardians confirm that the care was provided to their children, by using a swipe card and either a telephone or a card-reading machine called a Point of Service (POS) device.

How does CCAA work?
Parents and guardians receive a swipe card. Providers receive either a card-reading machine or access to a telephone reporting system. When you use your card on either the provider’s POS device or the provider’s telephone, the child’s attendance at care is automatically recorded.
CCAA Instruction Page
One-Swipe Notification Letter for Parents
Request new attendance card

Do I have to use the CCAA system?
Yes. Non-recorded attendance can count towards the limit of 40 absences per year.

What happens if I’m not able to report my child’s attendance? 
You can catch up on missing days by using “Previous Check-In”. You can go back 7 days, including today, to report previous attendance.

Can other people drop off or pick up my child?
Yes. Families can get up to four cards for people who are authorized by the parent or guardian to drop off or pick up their children from child care.  To request additional cards or report a lost card call us at 325-795-4200 or fax CCAA card request form to 325-795-4369.

Can I give my card to my provider and let them do this reporting for me?
NO. Giving your card to someone else is a misuse of the card. It can result in termination from the program or criminal prosecution.

What if I do not report attendance or absence within seven days? 
The non-recorded attendance may count towards the limit of 40 absences per year.

How do I report absences for my child?

  • You can report absences from any phone, anywhere.
  • You can use a phone for absence reporting even if your provider uses a POS device for attendance reporting.
  • You can also report absences on the POS device at your provider. Besides being able to go back 7 days to report an absence, you can also report absences for 3 days into the future.

What if I need help?
Call the number on the card (866-960-6496) for any issues with your card or PIN.
If the POS device doesn’t seem to be working, tell your provider so they can report the problem. If CCAA says that your child isn’t eligible, talk to your CCS Client Service Specialist.

Helpful information for Providers:

What is EPPIC?


A Provider Website that provide information about the times children have checked in or out of your facility.  For access to this website click  Your parents and/or authorized reps must use the POS machine to enter time and attendance information for children receiving CCS services.  Instructions on how to use the Provider Website.

How often should I be checking EPPIC?

Providers are required to check the EPPIC system at a minimum every 3 days according to their provider agreement. 

What do I do if a parent fails to record attendance on an authorized day?

It is very important the parent or authorized representative check their child(ren) in your facility every day.  Should the parent fail to swipe and misses the window for backswiping, the provider may have to manually report attendance.

Who do I call if I need help?

For questions and technical difficulties with your equipment, call the Provider Help Desk at 1-866-320-8720.

For questions about the status of client referrals assigned to you, payments, or program policy questions, you will need to contact Child Care Services at 325-795-4200.

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