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The 2017 WOW Youth Expo is scheduled for Wednesday, November 15th from 9:00am - 2:00pm at the Abilene Convention Center (1100 N. 6th St.). We anticipate mock interviews will take place from 10:20am - 1:50pm. An important part of this program is the opportunity for junior and senior students to participate in mock interviews. 

Mock interviews will be held in a separate room in the Convention Center from the exhibitors. The room will be setup with rows of tables and chairs for interviewers and interviewees. Students are encouraged to participate in their interview once released from the keynote. Interviews will last for approximately 20 minutes.

This portion of the event will be "free flowing". As students check-in they will be paired with an interviewer. If all interviewers are matched then students will wait until an interviewer is available. Interviewers will be provided a list of sample questions for the interview as well as a feedback form; however, the interviewer will ultimately determine what questions he/she asks and the feedback provided.

Important Information 

  • Schools/Students (Interviewees)
  1. Schools will determine the number of junior and senior students who will participate in mock interviews. It is very important that this is a firm count as it will determine how many interviewers are recruited. 
  2. Schools will complete the event registration form and indicate how many juniors and seniors will participate in a mock interview. 
  3. Schools need to ensure their students are prepared for the interview (ex: appearance, positive attitude, responses to commonly asked questions, etc). Résumés are encouraged. 
  4. At the event, once released from the keynote speaker please instruct participating students to go to the designated conference room and check-in for their interview.  
  • Industry/Community Partners (Interviewers)
    1. We welcome industry and community partners to serve as interviewers. You do not need any special experience or qualifications to interview students, just an interest in helping them prepare for their future! Please complete the interviewer registration form to indicate your available time. 
    2. Prior to the event, interviewers will receive pertinent information regarding the interview process.
    3. Upon arriving at the event, please check in to the mock interview room 20 minutes prior to your start time. Interviewers will be provided with a sample list of questions and student evaluation form. 

Mock Interview Information


Visit our FAQ page or contact staff at (325) 795-4327 or by email.