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The cost of paying for child care is a major consideration for many families. With the exception of rent, it is often a family’s largest single monthly expense. Reliable care is critical for working parents, and high-quality care is important for children’s development. But the high cost puts reliable, quality care out of reach for many families.

Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas offers assistance to help families pay their child care expenses. For information on our assistance:
  1. Review our basic requirements to determine if you may qualify for assistance
  2. Once you review the requirements, if you believe that you qualify, complete our Application for Child Care Services and submit it to our offices.
  3. Once it is determined that you are eligible for assistance, our staff will guide you through the process of choosing a child care provider that best meets the needs of your family

Additional Resources

Community Resources - Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas realizes that the cost of child care is not the only issue that impacts a family’s ability to be successful. Browse the list of community resources for parents we have assembled to determine if there are other agencies or programs that might be of assistance to you in your journey toward self-sufficiency.

Parenting Resources - Texas Government Code 2308.3171 requires Workforce Development Boards to provide information regarding local parenting classes. View the list of resources in the Board’s 19-county Service Delivery Area.
The Texas Workforce Commission has partnered with CLI to help parents understand the importance of early childhood developmental screening.  Learning about developmental milestones helps parents understand what young children typically know and are able do at different ages. Visit  and to get more information.